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We help funded start-ups and established companies grow

Every business reaches a point where growth slows down. Marketing that worked before, stops delivering results. New competitors appear, and erode your customer base.

It doesn’t need to be like this, and at Web Profits, we have the solution:

  • We’ll create a dynamic plan of action to drive growth using Fluid Marketing
  • We’ll help you to re-establish your position in the market
  • And then help you build your dominance long-term

All centered around 90-day ‘sprint’ periods of furious marketing activity.

Dominate your competition with Fluid Marketing

We drive results for our clients in any market using a unique strategy called Fluid Marketing.

‘Fluid’ uses a combination of marketing channels to simultaneously attack your market from every angle.

Then we continually reassess your results, and fluidly shift our efforts to what’s working, so you get results like you’ve never seen before.

How does Fluid Marketing work?

What we can do for you

There is no correct singular approach for every business. As a full service digital agency, we have expertise across the full range of digital marketing channels to be able to offer a comprehensive solution for every client.


If you'd like to know more about how Fluid Marketing can help you achieve your business goals then hit the button below to get in touch with one of our strategists.

What our clients say

"Sujan is 1/2 mad scientist and 1/2 content master."

Definitely someone I go to for marketing advice and always walk away with gold nuggets of information.

Noah Kagan

"As far as my experience with digital agencies go, Web Profits is the best."

They have a very capable team of folks who can take on the tasks that a two-person internal team could do, and I'm very happy with the results they've produced after 1 year of working together."

Rod Bland RamCity

"Sujan is easily the most competent and insightful content marketing expert I have ever met."

If you look for someone to improve your content marketing and drive results, look no further.

Mike Sadowski Founder, Brand24

"Sujan is one of the most resourceful marketers I know."

Not only is he a data drive marketer who's focused on growth but he's a problem solver. He's my go to resource when I need help with anything startup growth.

Dan Murphy Head of Biz Dev,

"Sujan is one of the most effective growth marketers operating today."

So many have jumped on the 'growth hacker' bandwagon it's often hard to separate implementers from impostors. Sujan is the real deal.

Rob Walling

"Sujan is a marketing maverick."

Whether it's a late-night content marketing brainstorm, an innovative Growth Marketing campaign, or a review of trending SaaS tools; Sujan is the go-to person for consistent creativity and industry knowledge.

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré SaaS Consultant

"The team at Web Profits continue to help us hit our digital marketing goals."

As a new brand in a highly competitive market they understand how important it is for us to continually update and improve our SEO strategy and run consistent social media campaigns.

Peta Van der Woerd SecureView

"Sujan is one of those rare mad geniuses who is constantly tinkering with and innovating the mechanics of marketing."

He helped me discover game-changing techniques that I never would have found myself, and which I now apply to my work almost daily.

Jason Amunwa

"Sujan Patel is a marketing legend!"

Whether on stage, online, or in-person, his no B.S. approach cuts through the noise and delivers high-quality, creative, and prescriptive ideas that seem to work—at least for me—every time.

Ty Magnin Director of Marketing Appcues

"Our experience with Web Profits has been nothing but positive."

Web Profits have been fantastic with their ongoing communications, assistance and recommendations which have helped us work towards the achievement of many of our digital marketing goals and objectives.

Matt Todd G Adventures

Your unique strategy is in good hands...

Our GM and Co-founder is Sujan Patel.

Sujan has led the way for numerous billion dollar companies, including Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Expedia.

He’s also been named a top ‘Growth Hacker’ and a ‘marketer to watch’, by the likes of Inc., MSNBC, SFGate and FoxNews.

Sujan’s out-of-the-box strategies will help you grow and succeed, while our expert team of specialists cover every digital channel.

We give you a dedicated marketing team to implement your strategy

Focussed results need focussed professionals driving them. That’s why our Fluid Marketing clients get access to their own specialist team of marketing experts that understand your goals, and what’s required to make them happen.

Sujan Patel

General Manager & Co-founder

Alex Cleanthous

Chief Innovation Officer & Co-founder

Paul Sprokkreeff


Mark Lindquist

Content Specialist

Ales Pokora

Social Media Strategist

Sophie McAulay

Content Strategist

Nick Brogden

Content Marketing + SEO Specialist

Tristan Broughton

Senior CRO Producer

Briahna Jovevski

Content Producer

Here are just some of the companies we’ve helped to grow:

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